Monday, April 15, 2013

I Just Wanna Feel This Moment.

Please excuse my rather picture laden post but I wanted to show you my look and some different scenes from the beautiful sim, Natural Mignon Colore.  The label Natural has its home base there so not only do you get to enjoy their wonderful clothes and adornments, you get to explore one of the most delightful landscapes where attention to detail abounds.

The hair decoration I'm wearing called 'Promise' was purchased from Natural.  I love the whimsical quality to it.  It was so cheap I practically stole it.

I've put together a real mixture today which centered around my new 'Bound' pants from ASS.  You haven't lived until you put some ASS on your ASS.  They're different and can be played down by removing the upper leg band and/or the lower leg attachments.

I took the top and thin belt from an outfit from Chantkare called 'Tricot'.  I adore the functional bag from Maitreya and gravitate to it often.  The cute little pointy toe flats are from Tram and have feather pom pom embellishments on each side.  I'm wearing another do from Tram called 'A810' in Creamy Yellow.

I just want to say for the gazzilionth time that its so wonderful to have such pretty hands thanks to SLINK.  The nail color is from the Lustre hud from ASS.

Finding sims like this in SL are the days that remind my why I keep playing Barbies.  Now if only I could find me a Ken.

Go Shopping:

Hair: A810 in Creamy Yellow color by Tram
Skin: Zoe in Pearl tone by Tuli
Lips: Deviant Misfit lip tattoo for Pearl tone skin by Tuli
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Grey/Green by IKON
Top and Belt: Tricot by Chantkare
Pants: Bound pants in White by ASS
Shoes: Fur Flats from Tram
Bag: Mesh Leather Satchel in Black from Maitreya
Hair Adornment: Promise from Natural
Watch: Gloria by Donna Flora
Bangle: Native American Bangle in Earth color by So Many Styles
Necklace: Ibizza Chains by Indyra Originals
Hands: SLINK
Nails: Lustre Nail Hud for SLINK hands by ASS

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