Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let There Be Peace.

Well what a terrible week its been for the dear people of America, in particular, those in Boston.  One can barely imagine the terror they have experienced allegedly at the hands of the young, misguided suspects.  We may never know the real motives behind it and really, there are no excuses for people executing such carnage but I can't help but wonder how people so young manage to be filled with such hatred.  This world is becoming a very scary place indeed and its becoming more apparent that each of us needs to be on heightened alert at all times.  Its no wonder that many of us turn to virtual worlds to escape reality for a while where we can create an existence of our own choosing.  My love and blessings go out to all those people affected and to the helpers who put their lives on the line to put a stop to the horror.

That said, on to what I love, fashion.  I was invited to join the Xia fashion group on Flickr and made my way over to Marketplace to check out their goods.  My eye was immediately drawn to this skirt which is actually called 'Symbols Kilt'.  I loved the design and purchased it.  Xia has a lot of uni sex clothing so this kilt can be worn by males and females.  I really love it but the only criticism for me anyway, is the alpha skirt layer could be longer to stop my legs poking through.  The skirt would work better when moving if they could attend to this issue and lower the alpha layer to just above the skirt hem.  Regardless, the quality of the piece is excellent and I particularly love the waist belt attached to the mesh skirt.

I found the lace top that is part of a skirt and top outfit at KANOU.  I love the shoulders, sleeves and flower attachment and I think it gives a lovely line to the upper body.

The shoes are a group gift from Pelle so a simple add to the group will get you these.  I'm wearing my SLINK hands with nails called 'Black Drama' from ASS.  I've been dying to wear my new necklace from Celoe called 'Abihall'.

I hope everyone has a super week and please, stay safe.

The stuff:

Hair: Awake by Magika
Skin: Zoe in Pearl tone by Tuli
Lips: Intense Red Gloss by Tuli
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Field color by IKON
Hands: SLINK
Nails: Black Drama by ASS
Top: From Clara outfit by KANOU
Skirt: Symbols Kilt by Xia - On Marketplace
Shoes: Missnoise High Pump Heel by Pelle (group gift)
Bag: Bow Clutch in Noir by Le Primitif
Ring: Camellia Ring by NC Paris Designs
Necklace: Abihall by Celoe

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