Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My SL Pet Peeves Meme - Chalice

Doesn't Strawberry Singh come up with the best ideas to open up the blogger community that allows us to get to know each other better?  I swear that I had been tossing around a blog post about my favorite and least favorite things in SL...I must be psychic.

Anyway I thought I would join in her Pet Peeves Meme and hope I don't upset anyone in the process.  I purposefully haven't read anyone elses meme yet so that my responses are off the top of my head and aren't influenced by the peeves of others.  My peeve level isn't that high so please don't be offended if I mention something YOU do because in the scheme of things, its not very important and you have every right to do it, unless its illegal or hurtful to others of course.

Number 1
Bloggers who end up with gigantic pictures on the feeds.   

Number 2
Those really weird and anatomically impossible hips and thighs.  The avi's with a Grand Canyon gap between their legs so that their undies look like dental floss.  Its funny how my eye is immediately drawn to their genitals.

Number 3
People you don't know who walk up to you in SL and stand an inch from your face.  Although Chalice is so tall it's usually the navel.  Sometimes they just push you and sometimes they ask for money.  I'm so stunned by the number of times I'm at a sim taking pics for the blog and in a static pose when people walk straight up and push my avi around.

Number 4
When you buy an outfit and it's nothing like the vendor poster when you put it on.  Fortunately it doesn't happen to me very often but every now and then I buy something that no amount of body tweaking will make it look passable, let alone good.

Number 5
People emoting baby stuff in a crowd and also that giggling noise you often hear.  This is probably my least favorite thing about SL  Like most things in life though, because you have an aversion to something you tend to notice it more.

Thanks for the great idea Berry.  

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  1. I never know how to respond to the people emoting baby stuff, lol. It's happened to me a few times and I've responded with my normal way of talking but it all just feels so odd! LOL Anyhow, thanks for playing! <3