Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blow Me.

What fun I've had shopping today.  I just wish I had more time to style everything I've purchased and get it up on the blog but alas, there are only so many hours in my SL day.

Like the bee hive?  Its a new release from Vanity Hair called 'Diavolo'.  Its so big a seagull flew in and I'm yet to find it.  Great style Tabata.

I got me some big ornate specs from Finesmith Jewelery and Accessories called 'BangBang'.  I do love a good pair of goggles and these are certainly out there.

Now I've had this top for a few weeks and was waiting to blog it.  I just love the line of it and the random patterns.  Anything that says 'Blow Me' is worth wearing in my book.  It's from HighRize called 'Blow Me Silver Balloon Top'.

The pants are from LeeZu called 'Florentine High Heel Pants'.  Here's a new concept...they come with the boots attached.   Brilliant.  I think LeeZu's selection of pants are so innovative and I must shop there more often.

I'm partial to razor back tops as they show off the back and shoulders and are sexy by my way of thinking.

Before I sign off, Happy Mummies Day to anyone who nurtures children or pets.  Hope its a lovely day for you all.


Hair: Diavolo in Essence color by Vanity Hair
Skin: Zoe in Pearl tone by Tuli
Hands: By Slink
Nails: By FLAIR
Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Clarity color by IKON
Lips: Intense Red by Tuli
Glasses: BangBang in Black by Finesmith Jewelery and Accessories
Top: Blow Me Silver Balloon Top by HighRize
Pants including boots: Florentine High Heel Pants in Black by LeeZu
Earrings, rings and bracelets: Sakura by CAE
Location:   Resonant Osmosis

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