Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Got Diva And I Ain't Afraid To Show It.

Darlings!  This hair alone deserves a few pictures for this post.  I love, no, I ADORE it.  Without doubt, it is my favorite hair I own and that's saying a lot given I have #### in my inventory.  No I can't be bothered to count plus it will shock me and I might turn grey.  It is called 'Sayaka3' from Diva. 

My look today evolved from purchasing the 'Victoria Dot' top from Mirror's Enigma.  I just love the soft, muted tones in cream, beige and a minty tone.  I then found these smart shorts from Tee*fy called 'Aimiee Tailored Ribbon' shorts in Mint.

I threw on a cardigan from Tram just in case the weather turned chilly.  Isn't it just the sweetest thing? Oh and look at the lovely hair clips that are color change.

I found the 'Rose Flower Mini Bucket' bag at Zenith.  God I love that shop.

Now I need to mention these fabo shoes from Slink called 'Lulu' in Beige.  These are an add on to the  mesh rigged medium and natural feet only.  The result my darlings is utter perfection.  I'm wearing finger and toe polish from Flair found at The Deck.  If you can't find what you want at Flair for your tootsies and fingers then you're a hard person to please.

Thanks to all the designers who made up my outfit and are credited below:

Hair: Sayaka3 in Moon Stone color by Diva
Skin: Zoe in Pearl tone by Tuli
Lashes tattoo: Teal Lashes by Tuli
Lips: Sheer Toffee by Tuli
Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Clarity color by IKON
Top: Victoria (Dot05) by Mirror's Enigma
Shorts: Aimee Tailored Ribbon Shorts by Tee*fy
Cardigan: JI Cardigan (color/texture change) by Tram
Bag: Rose Flower Mini Bucket bag by Zenith Fashion
Shoes: Lulu in Beige color by Slink
Feet and Hands: Slink
Polish: By Flair at The Dock
Earrings: Isis Solar Magic Earrings in Silver from Maxi Gossamer
Ring: Anuttra Ring in White/Silver by Mandala
Watch and ID Bracelet: Aubierre by 7891
Bracelet: Thematic Zodiac Bracelet from Pixel Box
Location: Outside Zenith Fashion

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