Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm Not Up The Creek Without A KANOU!

Hello lovelies.  Before I run off to hospital tomorrow, I just wanted to get in this post for KANOU.  These sexy, barely there tops leave very little to the imagination but why make anyone wonder?  I'm loud and proud of what mah momma gave me.  Yeah I know, LL and Tuli may be my momma's but what the heck.

I've only shown three of the colors available of the 'Grace' top.  There are six in total - blue, coral, green, purple, pink and grey.  Me loves them KANOU and thank you for sending them.

I also wanted to point out this lovely bracelet from Pixel Box.  Let me tell you they are having a sale and their items are super cheap.  This is called the 'Thematic Zodiac Bracelet' and as you can see, I'm wearing my RL zodiac sign Scorpio.  You could wear your zodiac sign on one band and that of your beloved on the other.  You can change the top and bottom signs by touching the bracelet.  Pixel Box have some fantastic items so go check it out.

The cute little bum bag holding my smokes and lipstick is from NCparis Designs.  My goodness that shop is full to brimming of fabulous fashion.

Here's hoping I can continue blogging whilst in hospital but I'm not sure how the lappie will perform so if I can't, I'll be back soon.  Don't miss me?  Yes please miss me, just a little :-)


Hair: C409 in Creamy Yellow color from Tram
Skin: Zoe in Pearl tone by Tuli
Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Demin (Group Gift) by IKON
Top: Grace by KANOU
Shorts: Suspender Shorts by C'est la vie
Bum Bag: Leather Belt Bag by NCparis Design
Hands: SLINK
Nails: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands nails in Glitter by Orc Inc
Earrings: Brigette Gold Earrings by FuLo
Bracelet: Thematic Zodiac Bracelet from Pixel Box

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