Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Guilty Confessions And A SLook.

Mz Straw-Meme has devised another great idea so I'll do that first then talk about my look.  Oh dear...think Chalice think.  What are my guilty confessions?  I'm sure I have some in there...thinking....thinking.  OK, here I go opening up which is sometimes kind of scary because of the judgement that goes along with it.

1. I try all kinds of ways to make my blog more popular and get it out there but they don't seem to work.
I think I shoot myself in the foot with this because in SL I've become so reserved I'm practically invisible.  This is reflective of my RL at the moment because of some tragedies I experienced last year that I've kind of cocooned myself for protection.  I've tried repeatedly to get my blog linked to some of the more popular feeds, but they haven't responded which has knocked my confidence about whether the time and money I spend blogging is really worth it.  My hits both on the blog and in Flickr aren't that high and I secretly wish I could break through the glass ceiling and become more notable in SL.  I question whether my style is rubbish, my pictures passé and that my opinions are nondescript.  I know I shouldn't worry but since this is about confessions, this is one of mine.

2. I hate the process of putting links in my style credits at the end of each post.
I do want the designers to get their due credit and make it easy for people to catch a TP to their stores, but it's soooooo damn tedious.

3. I read Shopping Cart Disco's SLectrets every week hoping I'll know at least what one of them is about.
Because I'm out of the inner circle of whatever goes off in SL, I read them and they go straight over my head.  I then read the PLURK comments and the blog comments and even then, it's like another language.  Who's the shoe person?  Who's the penis person?  I dunno!  This probably stems from the fact that I have no inner circle in-world anymore that I live vicariously through and on the periphery of what's going down via blogs, PLURK etcPS - I need more PLURK friends, hint, hint.

4. When I'm out and about searching for new shops, if I see those horrid little skirts of years ago and wall upon wall of slutty looking badly made clothing, I fly right on past.
I'm sure you know the shops I'm talking about.  It's like do you not even look at the relevance of what you're selling compared to the fabulous fashion that's available?  Even today, looking through the window of some stores, its like a time warp of what was available 5 or 6 years ago and the decor, omg, update, please update.  Take a trip around SL and see the way things have progressed then go back to your store and take an objective look around.  Gawd I can feel the knives hovering at my back.

5. I confess that I wish there was a blog like SL Fashion Police around again.  
I admit I used to laugh my head off looking at some of the avi's and bad fashion they used to show on their blog.  I know it's mean spirited but I think if Joan River's and Fashion Police can get away with it on real people, a SL version isn't that horrible.  I admit to taking pics of some avi's around the traps that seriously look like road kill.  I sometimes get the impulse to pop it on my blog but that's not what my blog is about.  Hmmm.  Maybe there's an opening?????

So there are some of my SLecret confessions - be kind :-)


I've had this woolen bolero from Bounce for ages and in my mess of an inventory, forgot about it.  I popped it on and paired it with my newly purchased LeeZu 'Yve' pants in Vintage Black.  They're so cute and I love the little flare above the knee.  I found the white tights at DeeTaleZ.  I was really impressed by their selection of socks, tights and leggings so if you are in the market for some, go have a look.  The shoes were a subscriber gift from Slink called 'Lara Mary Jane's' and the anklets I found at LouLou.  The necklace and earrings work so well with this look I think and are from Maxi Gossamer called 'Isis Solar Magic'.

Thank goodness Belleza is on board with the Slink Hand Applier and am wearing Mya skin in the Pale tone.  I couldn't find a Feet Applier so would love it if you did one Tricky.  If not, you're fabulous anyway and a skin maker of the highest regard.

Now here I go doing my least favorite thing, giving you LM's.

Hair: Emo in Platinum color by Vanity Hair
Skin: Mya in Pale tone by Belleza
Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Denim (group gift) by IKON
Hands: Slink
Hand Skin Applier: For Pale skin by Belleza
Top: Wool Bolero in Blanc by Bounce
Pants: Yve in Vintage Black by LeeZu
Stockings: White Wool Tights from DeeTaleZ
Shoes: Lara Mary Jane's (subscriber gift) by Slink
Anklets: Crepuscule in Black by LouLou
Earrings and Necklace: Isis Solar Magic colored Silver by Maxi Gossamer
Ring: White Melt My Heart Ring by Auxiliary
Location: Resonant Osmosis


  1. I dunno, I think you and your blog are pretty well-known. You're one of the veteran bloggers that has always shared quality content, I don't think you have anything to stress about. <3

  2. Thanks my love. That coming from you is a beautiful compliment :-)

  3. I stumbled across your blog and have found dozens of new places to shop by you posting the hated LMs. I have read 2 months worth of your blogs and found some truly beautiful places thanks to you. This is just to let you know that I for one ( and I am sure many many others) find your blog delightful

  4. OMG Aynia...thank you SO SO much for your lovely feedback. I am thrilled that my blog was able to help you explore SL and some of the wonderful designers and places I love. Hand on heart...THANK YOU. XX

  5. I realize I'm late to the party on this post, but I've been doing some backreading, and I have to say, your confession about blogging? I have the same issues. I'm linked on some of the feeds, but I'm just kind of... Unsure of where to even go from there. I have a Plurk I don't even know what to DO with. I'm the worst blogger ever. You're not alone in feeling like that, is what I'm saying.

  6. Oh Erin...how did I miss your comment? Sorry my love. Yay I'm not alone. That in itself feels good that others experience the same concerns as me. Thanks for stopping by Erin and commenting. I do appreciate it :-)