Friday, May 31, 2013

How Can You See Into My Eyes Like Open Doors?

I've been noticing a few designers lately who sell their clothing items with accessories included. While I love to mix and match my fashion to create a bespoke look, I do appreciate how handy this is for people not wanting to go ferreting for hours on end in their inventory for the right shoes, jewellery etc.  This outfit is from SLX, a combination of Ducknipple and 20.FIVE, providing complete outfits for SL customers.  Great idea for those on the go who want to just pop on some fabulousness and head out.  It consists of the dress, boots, bangles and necklace which all compliment each other beautifully.

I really just added this silver chain clutch from Croire (now trading on Marketplace), hair, skin, tattoo and nail gloves and voilà, ready in record time.

Another thing about purchasing complete outfits from SLX is the fact that you are saving heaps of money if you're anything like me when you style.  I spend a fortune on shoes and accessories so this way, you're getting it all in the one purchase.  At only L$195, this is remarkable.

Oh and I did a naughty thing.  Walked right into Glam Affair and fat packed the Cleo.  Will someone please chain me to a heavy seat at my home for a week so I can't go shopping?  I'm out of control....and loving it :-)  Be good till next time.

And my blog title?  Guess what I was listening to when I was thinking 'oh no, what do I call this post'. lol


Hair: Megan Mesh hair in Seafoam color from Wasabi Pills
Skin: Madeline in Pale tone by Envious Skins
Eyeliner: Love My Eyes Eyeliner and Mascara from Boom
Eyes: Liquid Light Mesh Eyes in Monet Dawn Shadow by Mayfly
Nails: Nail Gloves by DownDownDown
Dress, Boots, Bangles and Necklace: Kit in Warm color from SLX
Bag: Chic Chain Clutch in Silver by Croire (at Marketplace)
Earrings: Voyante Ear Clips (color change) by Je Suis
Back Tattoo: Sensation Of The Spider by Tattoo Paradise
Location: LEA7

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