Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life's A Beach And Then You Fly...Because You Outstayed Your Welcome.

When I saw this gorgeous top and lacy shorts made by Leri Miles Designs the other day at The Garage Designer Fair 2013, the soft lemon tones called to me LOUDLY.  I thought they would work well together and grabbed them.  I do love yellow hue's as they make me happy and this whole outfit is one big smile for me.  The earrings are from Eskimo Fashions and are actually peacock feathers but I thought they looked like fish bones.  I remembered seeing them there and given I chose a beach location, thought 'go on, get them'.

The off the shoulder top is hemmed with a polka dotted material featuring a cute bow made up of blues, reds, greens and browns which gives you license to accent those colors in your accessories although I remained with different tones of lemon.  The lace shorts are so feminine in my, sexy lace.

Now this is the sad part...the sheer hose and bag I purchased in separate fat packs just before Emily Kaestner closed her in-world shop Croire; however, here's the link to her Marketplace store.  The bag is so dainty and the other colors in the fat pack are equally endearing.

Now the shoes I purchased from GOS.  Called 'Ursula Wedges', they are sublime and close up you really get to appreciate the work all those little shoe makers do.  I imagine them all lined up in a row being beaten by Gospel Voom screaming 'work faster'.  Only joking, I'm sure he only gently reprimands them if the production line slows up a little.  Seriously, I know I wax lyrical about lots of things and I'm genuine when I do it, but I did let out an audible OMG when I cammed in close.

In the background, I can't work out if it's a kind of Christmas decoration for fishermen or the floats on fishing nets but they're mighty fancy balls.  This was shot at Salt Water, a really brilliant location for picture taking and relaxing at the sea side.  I spent exactly two hours laying on a hammock type thing that sits out over the water listening to the tunes and waves.  I think I spied other people waiting for a turn but first in, first served, even if I did out stay my welcome.

Oh gawd, the bill just came in....they charge by the minute for use of the lounging equipment.  Aww just tricking ya.


Hair: Moira in White by Tameless Hair
Skin: Margot in Europa tone #1 by Glam Affair (including Skin Appliers for Slink Hands)
Eye Shadow: Golden eyeshadow (was a group gift) by Little Petits Details
Liner: Gogo Add On Dark Eyes by DeeTaleZ
Lashes: Lashes #28 from Tameless Hair
Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Glen color by IKON
Top: Wanda Mesh Blouse in Polka Dots Lemon by Leri Miles Designs purchased at The Garage Designer Fair 2013
Shorts: Piper Shorts in Lemon by Leri Miles Designs purchased at The Garage Designer Fair 2013
Tights: Sheer Pattern Leggings by Croire
Hands: Slink
Nails: By Flair
Bag: Chic Chain Clutch in Gold by Croire
Shoes: Ursula Wedges in Gold by Gos
Earrings: BeDazzled Peacock earrings in Orange by Eskimo Fashion
Rings:  The Little Prince Elephant Rings by MiWardrobe
Bracelet: Paisley Bangle from the Lemon Bangle Set by Fulo Jewellery

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