Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's May...It's Gacha Festival.

 Lillies of the Valley!   

No other flower has more mystical touch.   
there is a thing that people love them so much.    
It's the fragrance, so captivating and strong,   
and no other fragrance lasts so long.  
We are enchanted through this wonderful smell,    
is there a thing i want you to tell?    
Of course ^^, then it's an erotical thing,   
 this scent brings only one sperm the win.  
If you still have no idea what i'm talking about,   
 then try more, not only a little make out.

LILLIES OF THE VALLEY runs from May 5th to the 26th and there are lots of cool offers for you. The event is a decorated theme and the vendors are cute little mangers scattered all around the beautiful valley.  Every month there is a giftie and this month you need to find the correct bunny to obtain yours.  The gacha prizes are transferable so you can trade with others if you double up on an item.

Now I'm sending you a limo so make sure you go and get ya a gacha.  The event is run by Alyssalillian McMinnar and DelaRosa Glimmer who have put in a lot of time and effort to make this event, well, THE EVENT.

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