Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Under Pressure (Twas listending to the Mercury/Bowie version when I posted).

Pressure!  We all experience it to varying degrees because our lives pull us in so many directions.  Some of us cope with it better than others and even if we cope with it well, there's days when it all goes to shit.  Add depression to it or any other form of psychological or psychiatric disorder and life can become a mine field.  I think that joy plays a huge part in living a successful life.  You can have money, huge houses, expensive cars, holidays that go on forever but if there's no joy, whats the point of it all?  At the moment, SL is perhaps one of the few places that joy finds me.  Of course, I'm working on improving this situation every second of the every day but by god it's hard.  When the joy goes, it permeates every aspect of your life.  The things that used to excite and motivate me aren't working any more and the fight to get me back is taking a huge toll.  So to those of you who are having trouble finding your inner joy, I hope that each day you find even a little of it in your heart.

I needed cheering up and I always know that Little Petits Details will provide me with visually stimulating lovliness and I wasn't disappointed when I saw this dress called 'Organzal'.  Ca-ching, it was mine.

This skin was a freebie at the Skin Expo from Nuuna's.  I love it when in amongst my dogs dinner of an inventory I find just the thing I wanted.

Jewellery is from Je Suis's current 50% sale.  Its only on for a week so it might still be going.  Limo here.

I just added some black gloves from Cheerno that I don't think are still available.  I've become so spoiled with my Slink hands 'n' feet, that when I can't wear them because there's no skin applier available, I wear gloves.

I lashed out again on another new pair of heels from GOS.  I'm just so impressed with the GOS label and I always get a kick out of visiting and purchasing a new pair.  These are called 'Grace' in Pink.  To coin a phrase from Sex And The City, "Men I might not know, but shoes, shoes I know" - Carrie Bradshaw.


Hair: A816 in Creamy Yellow color by Tram
Skin: Nuuna's freebie skin from the Skin Fair
Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Clarity color by IKON
Dress including Hat: Organzal by Little Petits Details
Shoes: Grace in Pink by GOS
Earrings, Necklace and Bracelets: Sophistique in black by Je Suis (sale LM)

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