Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lillies Of The Valley Gacha Festival

Gawd I'm churning out posts like a mad woman which is applicable because I am a mad woman.  For those of you, if there are any of you, familiar with my blog, I don't usually blog events but I've come to know Alyssalillian McMinnar, the designer at Zero Cool Desingz and organizer of the Lillies Of The Valley Gacha Festival currently running until May 26 and thought I would join her group of bloggers to raise awareness of the event.

Today I'm showing a small selection of gacha items available, but I want to stress I'm not showing all of the color options.

Here are a few of the pretty fans available from the designer of Luziefee.  They're so delicate adorned with intricate designs and contain a pose whereby you fan yourself.  There are 7 designs in the gacha manger but all of them are fab-tastic.

Next I'm showing the "Baber" jewelry set of earrings and necklace available in various colors.  See the little elephant head on the necklace.  His trunk is kind of up so that's good luck.  These are designed by N@N@ and I do believe there are 5 color choices.

These earrings and necklaces are also from N@N@ called 'Emilly'.  Great for those times when you don't want a long dangling necklace but something short around the neck.  They also come in 5 color choices, but remember you can swap them with others if you double up on a color.

I have lots more to show you over the coming days, so stay tuned for gacha mail.

Gacha later :-)

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