Monday, May 20, 2013

Opinions Are Like Nipples...Everyone Has Them But Some Are More Pointed Than Others.

Anyone for nachos?  Well they were certainly on the menu at Shopping Cart Disco's SLecrets this week.  Not that I have a clue what it means but it did give me a laugh.

I did something different yesterday in respect to my blog.  I applied to become a Hair Fair 2013 blogger.  I feel I want to give something back given I cover very little in the way of events although if we're talking $$$$$$$, I do give back rather generously across the grids lol.

Today I'm a goody in a hoody.  It's from Blitzed and while it's not mesh, who cares?  It fits bloody wonderful and has lots of terrific prim details to make it interesting.

My hair is from a shop I found called Tameless Hair.  I'd never heard of it before but I'm loving what I've purchased there. I'm very impressed with the quality and find the hair tattoo's so very realistic as a base for the attachments.

Earrings are from Pure Poison and the necklace from one of my new favorite shops, Pixel Box.  They're having a sale so don't be tardy...get in there and shop, shop, shop.

I'm really into good quality, unusual pants at the moment and found this pair from 20 FIVE called Jin Capri's.  Now you really get your money's worth because it comes with a fabric change hud giving you 5 different options.

I'm again wearing the Slink Fabric Platform shoes that work with the Slink Natural Feet.  Easier to put on than my own shoes to be sure.

Loving this bag from Pure Poison Fashion called 'Jackie Studded Mesh Handbag' shown in the brown tone.  My fabulous bangles are also from Pure Poison called 'Love Stacked' bracelets in nude and red.  I have had a big spend up at Pure Poison recently because not only are their items very reasonably priced, I find the details intricate and designs unique.

Chalice's bottom lip is protruding in that princessy, spoiled brat type look.  She isn't participating in Berry's Meme because there's nothing she can teach anyone...well maybe apart from shopping but then we're all Dux of Class in that respect.

Le Credits:

Hair: Vix in White by Tameless Hair
Skin: Gogo Brilliance skin in Medium Fair Tone by DeeTaleZ
Make Up Tattoo: Colorful Make Up #7 by DeeTaleZ
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Field color by IKON
Top: Moody Hoody in Red by Blitzed
Pants: Jin Capris by 20FIVE
Shoes: Fabric Platform shoes (to be used with Natural Slink Feet) by Slink
Feet and Hands: By Slink
Nails: By Flair
Bag: Jackie Studded Mesh Handbag by Pure Poison Fashion
Necklace:  Old Heart Grunge by Pixel Box
Bangle:Love Stacked Bracelets in nude/red by Pure Poison Fashion
Ring: Eleween 11 by Manna

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