Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dancing In Heels.

I hope everyone had a good day and that you've got some Lindens ready to spend at the Designer Showcase which features some great designers.  You won't need too many of them darlings because nothing is over L$99 and some great group gifts to boot.

This dress, called K Collection Aisha, is one of the dresses put out by Liv Glam.  Damn near blinded me with all that silver bling.

It reminds me of the lights you see when flying into a big city at night.  Uber gorgeous don't you think?

I have to give an honorable mention to these amazing heels called 'Love Poison Nr.7' from Zero Cool Designz.  I commented in Flickr that the stiletto's could be used as deadly weapons (thinking Single White Female) and the lovely designer, Ms Alyssalillian McMinnar, contacted me in-world and kindly sent me a pair.  Alyssalillian is also the mastermind behind Gacha and in particular, the Gacha Addiction events featuring different themes each month.  Visit HERE for more factual information but knowing how many people seem to love the Gacha concept, you should be very excited indeed for the next one.

These shoes remind me of a really funny story that I want to share with you.  I have an Irish friend who used to study Irish dancing when she was younger living in the Emerald Isle. Having moved to Australia, she loved the lifestyle and didn't mind our cold beer either.  Diving into the BBQ and beer culture, she decided to give us all a demo of her Irish dancing skills at one of my parties but didn't factor in her high heels and beer consumption.  She started well but not long into it she keeled over and we all ran to her aid.  She bloody well did a jump but when she brought one foot over the other, stabbed herself in the foot with her heel.  I mean right through the foot.  We were all so drunk we couldn't stifle our laughter but did manage to get help for her.  Talk about River Dance...more like River of Beer Dance. 

Oh and this fabulous glittery bag with silver metal handles is from Miel and is color change.  Its so authentic looking as it kind of droops in the middle like bags do when handles make bags sit up at the sides (you know what I mean).

Now I've had the hiccups on and off for two days.  Does anyone else get them and they keep coming back?  Damn annoying and my chest hurts.


Hair: Messy Hair in Black from Boudoir
Skin: Zoe (Sultry) in Pearl tone from Tuli
Eye Shadow Tattoo: Model Series 2 by Vogue
Lip Tattoo: Deviant Vamp glossy lips by Tuli
Hands: SLINK
Nails: Black Drama from ASS
Dress: K Collection Aisha by Liv Glam at Designer Showcase
Shoes: Love Poison Nr.7 by Zero Cool Designz
Bag: Glitter Bag by Miel
Rings: Anuttra Rings in Black/Silver by Mandala
Bracelet: Chunky 3 Ring Bangle by Indie Rose
Earrings: Kabuki by Mandala

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